This filter will upgrade the water quality in your rainwater collection and/or pond. All the water will be filtered quickly and efficiently at a high capacity.
In the drum is a fine sieve, the dirty water is pumped on the inside of the stationary drum, it flows out through the sieve and is then returned to your shelter and/or pond.The dirt including organic material, sand, iron, floating particles etc. remain in the sieve. At saturation (due to the dirt) the water level rises. The resistor automatically starts the rinse cycle. The drum will turn slowly and will be sprayed by the spraying system. The water spillage at this rinse is minimal. The spray line is located at the top; under this conduit inside the drum the dirt is collected in a cavity. The collected dirt on the inside of the sieve is now permanently removed and automatically drained. This filter is maintenance free.


- UV Disinfection in clean water
- Finer or coarser filtering
- Level switch for automatic rinse
- Larger capacity / hour

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